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Our most frequently asked questions:

What does Tropic S.A. do?

Tropic S.A. is the leading manufacturer of beverages in plastic containers in Haiti. Our two plant locations are fully integrated operations, which produce beverages in plastic bottles. Today, Tropic S.A. serves clients throughout HAITI through a very structured and dynamic distribution system, which penetrates the market to its smallest outlets. Tropic S.A. exports to several neighboring countries as well.

Does Tropic S.A. respect international standards?

Our manufacturing processes respect all the international manufacturing standards using top of the line and cutting-edge equipment.

What is the production process at Tropic S.A.?

Our two production plants start with a syrup, concentrate or beverage base to create finished products, which are packaged in HDPE and PET bottles to be delivered to our clients nationwide.

When did Tropic S.A. begin its operations?

Tropic S.A. started in 1989 producing TROPIC juice drink in HDPE bottles.

What is the best way to contact Tropic S.A.?


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Our location

Our Address: Route de Tabarre, Source Cazeau #70, Port Au Prince, Haïti.